Python Primer For Freshers

Learn Inventory Management, Ticketing and More

Python Primer For Freshers

  • Course Content
  • Who will benefit?
  • Project Outcome
  • Duration
  • Prior skills requirement

  • Introduction to Python
  • Strings, Lists and Tuples
  • Dictionaries and Sets
  • Conditional Execution & Loops
  • Comprehensions
  • Functions
  • Modules
  • Scopes and Namespaces
  • The course is ideal for any student interested in learning beginner-level Python coding.

  • As part of the course, lots of hands-on exercises to understand Python
  • Air ticketing
  • Inventory management
  • Shopping Cart
  • Password encryption/decryption
    • 20 Hours

      Basic computer operating knowledge and introductory courses in Mathematics and Statistics

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