Game Programming in Python

Intro to Game Programming | Learn Game Programming Online

Game Programming in Python

  • Course Features
  • Course Summary
  • Course Description
  • Curriculum
  • Learning Outcomes

  • Duration
  • 6 Hours
  • Type
  • Live with Tutor
  • Skill level
  • Intermediate
  • Language
  • English
  • Assessments
  • NO
  • Certificate
  • Yes

    The Game Programming in Python workshop includes:

  • 6 Hours of intense live tutoring online
  • Weekend workshops to suit every child
  • Ideating and creating Python games
  • All lessons sequenced for project-based learning
  • Full lifetime course access, with regular updates
  • No hardware kit required
  • Access on mobile, laptop and TV
  • Certificate of completion

    Developing computer games is a great way for kids to learn programming, algorithms, logical thinking and strategic thinking. Game Programming in Python workshop introduces kids to the world of computer games; this workshop will enable kids to create games that are basic to moderate in complexity, and helps build confidence to develop new and creative game concepts all by themselves.

    This workshop assumes the kid has basic understanding or beginner-level knowledge in Python programming, including user-defined functions, imports, loops and conditional statements. Familiarity with object oriented programming is a definite advantage, though not mandatory.


  • Desktop or laptop
  • Latest version of Python installed
  • Python IDLE or any Python Compatible Code Editors (VS Code, PyCharm, Atom etc.)
  • A beginner-level knowledge in Python coding
    • Topics covered under this course

    • Python refresher
    • Introduction to PyGame library
    • Project Setup
    • Initialization and Game Loop
    • Blit and Flip
    • Handling Events
    • Creating Game Environments
    • Turtle Graphics
    • Finishing Touches
    • Quiz

      At the end of this course, your kid will be familiar with:

    • Concepts like creating a game loop
    • Creating single and multi-player games
    • Event handling
    • Writing game logic
    • Activities & Quizzes

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