About Us


Modo envisions a world where our children are futuristic, digitally savvy and technologically skilled – who go on to solve big problems using technology and create the next big innovations that will impact human lives.

Our Values

The world might be preparing children for employment alone, but at Modo, we are passionate about turning them into innovators, makers, creators and inventors. The next technological revolution will not happen of its own accord; instead, it is going to be the next generation, now in schools, who will spearhead it. Modo believes that this is both an opportunity as well as a responsibility, so we owe it to the children to prepare them well for the future. At Modo, we’re also committed to taking our futuristic programs to underprivileged children who otherwise might not have access. Our team happily ensures that a percentage of our revenue goes towards providing such children with access to our maker tools. As a result, we support them while they embark on a critical explorative journey.

Why Us?

  Comprehensive STEM-based curriculum & course designed for young & inquisitive minds
  Early-Stage skill development across 12 emerging competencies making kids future-ready
  Centered around building coding competencies, both visual and text-based languages
  Integrated with child-friendly robotics kits to build playful and programmable projects
  Growing network of tutors and online support experts to help orient and guide learners
  Structured pedagogy to support schools comply with National Education Policy 2020
  Made-in-India content with Global perspective that provide competitive edge to learners

Our Team

Amalore Jude


Susan Jude

Co-founder & Head of Curriculum

Meena Madhu


Troydon Pereira

Head of Digital Productions

Chandrasekharan K

Head of Operations

Manoj Mishra

Advisor & Mentor

Member of Amity Innovation Incubator

Modo Edulabs is an incubatee of the most acclaimed Amity Innovation Incubator program organised under the aegis of Amity University, Noida.


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