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This is a unique opportunity for our partners, patrons and parents to monetize their traffic and network. Modo offers futuristic online courses in coding, robotics, AI and many more for children in the age group 6-16 years. We aim to be the #1 in technology education vendor of choice for both parents and school. With increasing number of courses regularly, Modo enables affiliates to use quick link-building tools to direct their contacts to Modo website and earn from qualifying course enrollments and programs.

Modo's Vision

Modo envisions a world where our children are futuristic, digitally savvy and technologically skilled – who go on to solve big problems using technology and create the next big innovations that will impact human lives.We prepare our kids for the 21st century through our innovative online courses and custom-designed programs.

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You can share available courses on Modo ( with your contacts and network through customized linking tools and earn money on qualifying course purchases and enrollments.
All parents, partners and patrons can participate in this program. No prerequisite for enrolling in this program. If you are a blogger or an influencer with an established social media following, you can join this program to monetize your reach.
You earn from qualifying course purchases and enrollments through the traffic you drive to Modo website
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