Skilling the Youth

Skilling the Youth

There’s no better time than now to hop on the bandwagon and prepare for a fulfilling future career in AI and ML. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has been increasing in footprint and grabbing eyeballs across industries. A growing number of companies are using these technologies to improve their products and services, evaluate their business models, and enhance their decision-making process.
Artificial Intelligence courses help to guide and create specialists with the ability to dream up and bring to life intelligent machines and systems which perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence, including playing games or recognising faces or understanding natural language.

Why Learn AI and ML?

Businesses around the world are increasing AI budgets around research, development and applications at unprecedented levels. Gartner predicts the business value created by AI to touch $3.9T by 2022 According to IDC, the worldwide spending on cognitive and Artificial Intelligence systems would reach $77.6B by 2022.
These, and many other related developments in AI adoption, offer enormous opportunities to young graduates passing out of higher education now and in the near future. However, a fulfilling future starts with a solid foundation. To that end, Modo’s courses in AI Foundation, Machine Learning, Robotics and IoT enable students to land meaningful placements in great companies and contribute to futuristic growth.

Here’s what’s in store for students in AI courses:

Benefit # 1: They’ll learn the skill of the century
Benefit # 2: They’ll find relevance today
Benefit # 3: They’ll cut through the data noise
Benefit # 4: They’ll prepare for a big career ahead
Benefit # 5: They’ll fit in any industry

Why Modo’s AI & Machine Learning Course

  •   Industry-oriented, expert-designed curriculum

  •   Curated content made available through the cloud

  •   Handpicked tutors based on qualification and experience

  •   Industry connect through workshops and online sessions

  •   Challenges, assessments and course completion certificates

About Modo

Modo is a new-age educational organisation with an aim to develop futuristic, career-building skills among India’s youth. We envision a world where our students go on to solve big problems using technology and create significant innovations that impact human lives.
Modo’s leadership team is comprised of industry professionals and experienced tutors from various sectors such as education, IT, services, automotive, aviation, digital production.

Modo’s 12 Areas of Teaching Competencies

  •   Artificial Intelligence

  •   Data Science

  •   3D Printing

  •   Augment Reality

  •   Machine Learning

  •   Robotics

  •   Drones

  •   Virtual Reality

  •   Coding

  •   Mobile Applications

  •   IOT

  •   Blockchain

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