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Modo Edulabs in association with Hologo brings Augmented Reality to the young minds in India. Access to more 300 lessons via interactive and immersive 3D and AR app.

Enjoy learning & teaching with Hologo!

Our library of lessons consists of over 300+ lessons across subjects such as the sciences, maths, geography and it's all available in 3D and AR!.

Excite Students

98% of students find Hologo more stimulating than traditional forms of education. AR & VR will become the norm in the near future, therefore learning using AR & VR will prepare students to face tomorrows workplace.

Improve Results

Teachers who integrated Hologo into their regular teaching have seen 87% increments in student results. Immersive visual experiences, paired with gamification and remote learning functions exponentially increases the ability to grasp concepts.

Learn Faster

Immersive visuals have been found to improve learning. Visuals effect learners at a cognitive level and stimulate imagination, therefore, enabling students to process information faster.

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Hologo is a constantly growing library of 3D and Augmented Reality based educational experiences. All the experiences
come with high levels of engagement and interactivity!

Topics Included in the Hologo AR App

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Get access to full library
Get access to all mini games
Get access to all voice lessons
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Teacher License

Get access to full library
Get access to all mini games
Get access to all voice lessons
Create student networks
Voice over upto 50 lessons

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