Advanced Robotics For Kids

Advanced Robotics for Kids | Sensor Technologies | Learn Circuits with Simulator | Algorithms & Flowcharts

Advanced Robotics For Kids

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    Advanced Robotics Course includes:

  • Advanced Robotic Kit with 9 Sensors
  • 10 hours of on-demand video
  • 25 modules sequenced for self-paced learning
  • 40+ hands-on projects with robotics kit
  • Full lifetime access, with regular updates
  • Robotics kit dispatched to your doorstep
  • Access on mobile, laptop and TV
  • Certificate of completion
  • Prerequisite: Beginner-level Robotics

    Advanced Robotics Course is an intermediate level online course in robotics, sensor technologies, Arduino projects, Snap! programming and glimpse into the world of internet of things (IOT). We have stepped into the ‘smart’ era. Increasingly sensors are part of our daily lives – from smart TVs to smart phones, from smart wearables to intelligent cars – sensors make our everyday lives easier.

    Smart watering for your balcony garden. In our busy lives, how can we keep track of watering the plants? Well, with SenseBot, kids can monitor the moisture levels in plants by using soil moisture sensor. When moisture level drops below a threshold, an automated motor can be triggered on to pump water to the starving plants!

    Smart alcohol detection to avoid ‘drunken driving’! Drunken driving is a menace, we can do without. With SenseBot, kids can create an alcohol detection module that can alert when the gas sensor senses alcohol in the close vicinity. The same sensor can also be used to monitor gas leakage.

    Your kids can create the above projects and many more with this course. SenseBot comes with an Arduino Mega 2560 micro controller, a Modo customised shield, pack of nine sensors, a servo motor, a sturdy metal chassis, a pair of BO motors and wheels, and a battery pack.

    Prerequisite: Kids who have completed Modo’s JumpStart course are ideal to enroll in Advanced Robotics. Or those who have completed basic robotics program using an Arduino board and a good understanding of programming tools like Scratch.

      Topics covered under this course

    • Understanding Electronic Components
    • Learning Circuits with Simulator
    • Algorithms & Flowcharts
    • Snap! Programming
    • Arduino Boards
    • Snap4Arduino
    • Sensor Technologies
    • Sensors in our daily lives – cars & phones
    • Smart City kit assembly
    • Programming the Servo Motors with Snap!
    • Programming the Ultrasonic Sensors with Snap!
    • Programming the IR Sensors with Snap!
    • Programming the Light Sensors with Snap!
    • Programming the Sound Sensors with Snap!
    • Understanding PIR Motion Sensor & Colour Sensor
    • Programming the Touch Sensors with Snap!
    • Programming the Gas Sensors with Snap!
    • Programming the Temperature Sensors with Snap!
    • Programming the Magnetic Sensors with Snap!
    • Programming the Soil Moisture Sensors with Snap!
    • Introducing Internet of Things (IOT)
    • Multi Sensor Assembly in SenseBot kit
    • Advanced Programming with Multiple Sensors

      Why Modo’s Advanced Robotics course?

    • This course has 25 modules, which are well-researched and compiled by educational specialists to provide a comprehensive learning that is suitable for young achievers.
    • This course can be completed online, with anytime, anywhere access to the course.
    • Every enrollment in the course receives a customised SenseBot for hands-on projects and activities.
    • In this course, you will learn Snap! programming tool. Its an advanced block-based programming tool suitable for kids who know Scratch.
    • Online support is available throughout the week between 8am to 8pm, through live chat, telephone, email.

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