Internet of Things

Concept of IoT | World of Sensors | Automation Through Algorithms

Internet of Things

  • Course Content
  • Who will benefit?
  • Project Outcome
  • Duration
  • Prior skills requirement

  • Concept of IoT
  • Introduction to the world of sensors
  • Interconnectedness and automation through algorithms
  • Focus on user interface in IoT applications
  • Understanding Cloud Infrastructure
  • Handling real time data and Data flow Analysis (from various sensors)
  • End point management
  • Examples of leading IoT solutions provided in verticals like Manufacturing, sales, Inventory, Agriculture, Defence, Health, Research, etc.
  • Emergence of smart cities and smart industries
  • Evolution in ML through Real-time IoT data
  • Challenges in IoT projects
  • IoT – Best practices
  • The course is ideal for any student completing their undergraduate or postgraduate degree who is keen to understand the workings of IoT with simplified sensors, algorithms, development boards.

  • Irrigation based project
  • Security surveillance system
  • Automated Inventory system
  • Smart car parking
  • Exposure to various platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi
    • 30 Hours

      Basic Python coding skills or must have completed the ‘Python Primer’ course.

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