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Modo aims to create a world where our children go on to solve big problems using technology and create significant innovations that impact human lives.
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Choose from our top selection of age-appropriate, futuristic, skill-based technology courses crafted by educational experts.
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Robotics Classes for Kids
No kit, no problem. Enjoy this innovative course with a simulator robotic software and program it.
Age : 8-12 years
Robotics Courses for Beginners
A stepping stone into the exciting world based programming and an Arduino kit.
Age : 10-14 years
Advanced Robotics Courses Online
Step into the world of sensor technologies and understand the ‘smart’ things around us through an advanced robot.
Age : 13-18 years
SmartCity for Kids Programming
Assemble a puzzle-like smart city layout, install sensors for monitoring and learn to program them in Snap!
Age : 13-18 years
Python Coding Classes for Kids - Online
Get hands-on the most popular coding language in the world ‘Python’ in this beginner-level ‘Live’ course.
Age : 11-15 years

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Dynamics of Group Learning at

Dynamics of Group Learning

Group learning is a critical component of classrooms, whether physical or online.
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